Friday, September 30, 2011

Thank Goodness!

It's been a frazzling week! {yes, I just made that word up} I am so glad it is over! I will have a busy weekend ahead! I will need some adult beverages to recover from all the frantic appointments I have! I will be attending my dear good friend Beth's wedding. Wedding you say? Yes, remember when I posted about planning a bridal shower? It wasn't much of a post, see here. Well, I hosted it at the Bride-to-Be's father's bar. I haven't posted about it because it was not so much a bridal shower as it was turned to a Bachelorette party in my opinion! lol I did take lots of pics and nothing turned out like it should. So to say the least, it was a fun event, but nothing that you would "write home to moma" about! If you get my drift!

Anywho, not only will I be attending this wedding, I will be styling the bride's hair, along with the three bridesmaids, and a flower girl. By myself! Eekkk! Say a little prayer for me! My husband is also in the wedding. The groom and my hubs are best friends. This wedding shall be a beautiful one. It's at a farm in the hills! I will def. take pics and post them for y'all! I'm off to get some last minute things and run myself ragged!



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