Monday, October 31, 2011


Good Monday Morning to ya!

I am going share a special episode, if you will, of Where I'm From! People say it's haunted, but you will have to visit to find out for yourself! Bahhahahahahaha! (insert evil laugh!)

Located in Walhalla, SC

We've come to the end of the tunnel. I am not going to ruin your fun and tell you what comes next after entering the doorway above. You will have to travel to the upstate to find out! (or email me!)

History of Stumphouse Tunnel- This tunnel represents the failure to complete a railroad system from Charleston, South Carolina to Cincinnati, Ohio after the Civil War. One big reason for not completing it was because of financial difficulties they had and didn't continue. A main reason why they wanted to build the railroad was to make transportation easier and faster. The Cincinnati and Charleston Railroad Company was founded in 1837 by the citizens of Charleston and Cincinnati. The rail line was only completed to Anderson, Pendleton and West Union by the late 1850s, but Stumphouse Mountain was to be the stumbling block and before the company could recoup, the nation was divided and had gone to war. In 1852 the original idea of crossing the mountains by rail was revived. The railroad would connect South Carolina's railway system to existing Midwestern railways systems. In this second attempt, the Blue Ridge Railroad Company was formed to complete a railway across the Blue Ridge Mountains from Anderson, South Carolina to Knoxville, Tennessee and later Cincinnati, Ohio. To cross the Blue Ridge Mountains would require 13 tunnels. Three of the tunnels would be in South Carolina. The two other tunnels that were to be built with the Stumphouse Tunnel in South Carolina would make three in all. The Saddle Tunnel was never completed. The Middle Tunnel was completed but was closed by land slides, and the Stumphouse Tunnel was meant to be 5,863 ft., but in 1859 with only 4,363 ft. completed, the state refused to send more money. The Stumphouse Tunnel was closed due to rock slides and then the tunnel and the park were turned over from the Pendleton District Commission to the city of Walhalla. Walhalla now operates the park and re-opened the tunnel in spring 2000. The Stumphouse Tunnel is today used as a recreational site. Because the temperature is around 50 degrees and the humidity is about 85 percent year-round, a doctor at Clemson University decided to temporarily store and age blue cheese. The environment of the tunnel was later duplicated in the Clemson Agricultural Center and the cheese making was moved there.  History & Info via Google



Friday, October 28, 2011

It's the freakin weekend!

Hey Y'all! It's finally the weekend! Whew, It has been a week, let me tell ya! It's crazy that the week started out great, but has ended bad. Hopefully the weekend will be better! I'm sure of it, because we will be attending a Halloween party! We can't wait! It's gonna be fun!

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For those of you who are stopping by from the blog hop, Hey Y'all! I'm Annabelle! I am a wife of 6 years to Steve, and a mother of 3 years to Zane. We love to travel and hope to visit the whole country one state at a time! On this blog I share about my family, our travels, things we do, crafts, about our hometown, and much more!

I hope that you will stick around and share things with us!



Thursday, October 27, 2011

"It's OK" Thursday #5

"It's Ok Thursdays" link-up party! I kinda of like this routine!
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Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that I am sort of disappointed that the Hubs and I found out last night that we didn't get invited to the wedding of a close friend, that is taking place this weekend...

...because my family loves me more!

...that I am pretty much sitting on go, anticipating the arrival of our nephew!
(whew that's weird! My first time actually saying that! NEPHEW)

...that I switch cell phone carriers last week and I still can't get text messages, I need to be disconnected sometimes.

...that I don't post all the time on my blog or that I started something and not continued with it. It is my blog after all! sit a pout every now and then, but dang I need to get off my arse and DO SOMETHING! regret packing up my sewing machine, I'm scared I might "foh-geta-bout-it!" still regret that I gave my dog of 4 years away last December because we got a new house and hubs didn't want animals in the new house. (still sad)

...because I am going to be happy and enjoy the "right nows" not the "what could have beens".


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WILW Party!

I fell off the "What I love Wednesday" bandwagon, but I am back aboard! It's time to have a linky party so everyone of you can share what you love and you can find what others love! I have found that linky parties are a fun way to find new friends in the blog world! So join in and have fun! Don't forget at the bottom of this post to add your information so that you can be shared with all who view this post each and every Wednesday!


What am I loving this beautiful Wednesday morning?

TOMS Snow Leopard Classics

Motorola Xoom

The Great Smoky Mountains
I am ready for some family time away! Hopefully this will happen soon!


I find myself more interested in photography everday! I love to learn new things and have a SLR camera, I do just that everytime I pick it up!

What are you loving right now?
 Post about it on your blog and share with us!

Link up and Share with us What you Love every Wednesday!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Trying my Hand at More

Hey y'all, hope each and everyone of you had a great weekend! I've got some new followers and I want to personally welcome you! Once I get to 25 I am going to do another giveaway! Not sure what yet so if you have any suggestions please let me know! It was a crazy weekend once again! One day I hope to slow down and take a break! I am getting more and more tired these days! But heck, I keep on truckin'!

This weekend was Oktoberfest weekend in our town and they always celebrate BIG! Crafts and booths set up on main street and the main event on the huge soccer field! On the field you can find rides, games, food, music and beer under the big white tent. The Hubs and I attended Saturday night and boy was it cold! I was relieved that it wasn't muddy. My parents and I took Zane Sunday during the day to ride the rides. On Sunday you can buy a bracelet for $10 and ride unlimited! It was nice and warm out. We rode a few rides and Z loved it!

Sunday morning I got to take some maternity pictures of my sister-in-law and her hubby. I like to try my hand at more photography when the opportunities arise! I had fun! It was quick and easy! It turned out so good that I didn't have to edit the photos much! Here are a few of them!






She's so cute pregnant! I had fun taking their photographing them and I can't wait to photograph the lil' man when he arrives! I have LOTS of ideas to try!


Thursday, October 20, 2011

"It's OK" Thursday #4

Alright ladies, here's the third installment of the "It's Ok Thursdays" link-up party!
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Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that Christmas is 65 days away and I haven't bought a single thing! I do have a list! ;)

...that I want a pair of TOMS and my husband hates them!

...he told me that he would buy them but he didn't want to "horse-laugh" me every time I wore them. *bummer*

...that I planned my Halloween costume out to that involves buying a new pair of shoes! hehe pretend I don't have work to do. I blog in it's place! run away from your problems for a little while, but they will be here when you get back!

...that I look forward to Friday and try to find a way to get out of not being at work then! (no one else works on Fridays here!)

...because I am going to the mountains...or at least I hope I am!

Have a fabulous Thursday y'all!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Phone Dump XL


I know this post should have came yesterday but I wanted to try to get some extra votes on the photo contest. If you voted, Thanks-a-ton! If you haven't, you still have time! Read about it here. My weekends in October have been very busy. I warn you this might be a long post and full of photos! That's what you like isn't it? Thought so! ;)

So Friday night, I wanted to finish some sewing projects. Well After getting two hems completed, the shuttle race stopped spinning. For those of you who don't know much about sewing, this is the part that feeds the fabric and turns the bobbin. (refer to first arrow on right picture) I tried cleaning and oiling my machine, and lots of other things, along with cussing it in my head, I gave up and left it sitting alone!
Sunday night I finally decided it was time to overcome the battle between me and this machine! I convinced my mechanic (aka the Hubs) to "dissect" my sewing machine. He literally took the whole plastic casing off and we found that a screw had fell out causing no motion for the shuttle race to turn. (refer to second arrow on the right.) It was put back in place and we checked for other visible issues. We didn't see any. So I oiled a few more places and the Hubs put it back together. I now am back in the game, the Hubs is a great sewing machine mechanic! I was one happy girl to finish sewing my project, which I will share later! ;)


O.M.G. I have to share a find I got a CVS! Sally Henson Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips! They are kind of pricey, but worth it! I used one sticker/strip for two nails. I did both of my middle fingers. If you follow the directions it's very simple and last up to 10 days! The instructions do not say this, but I also put a coat of clear to make them not peel.

I was in dire need of getting my hair colored. Major Root Rot is not a good thing to have! I had neglected my hair for about 3 months! Shame on me! So Saturday I finally went to the salon and "got mah hurr did!"
I had some red put in but it only shows best in the sun! It's cute I think! Oh yeah, I got me a feather too, cause all the cool kids are doing it! LoL (that's what that striped thing is you see)


Pinned Image

Yes, I Pin! Yes, I do actually make things from Pinterest!
Here are a few that I have done!


They were a hit with my friends!

Pinned Image
Baby Sling!

possible Christmas gift for the twins
Baby Beanie

On Sunday, we had an appointment with my friend Christina to have some pictures taken. It was fun and I can't wait to see all the pictures she got! The photo that is in the contest was the costume shot of Zane she took. She has three children of her own and her oldest is the same age as Zane. They played well after the shoot. I helped them up into this tree and took a picture with my phone.



That pretty much wraps up my weekend in a nutshell! How was yours?


Monday, October 17, 2011

Photography Contestant

Okay, readers, I need your help! My family is participating in a photography contest on Facebook. We have entered a photograph taken by my friend Christina.
This photo is of my handsome son Zane in his halloween costume!

All you have to do is go to Christina CWimages and "LIKE" her page and then go to her photo albums, find Fall Photo Contest album, and "LIKE" this same picture of my son! All the likes equal one vote! So help a fellow blogger and go to this facebook page and do your thang! Thanks Y'all!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Confession Session

I confess...

...I may wish to sell everything we own to buy a huge motorhome and travel the world!

(yes, I could really live this way.)

...That I look at life like; "you only live once, do it while you can!"

...that my son may or may not be more whiny than usual and I cannot stand it!

...that my house is a hotmess and I don't care this week!

The End, I'm grouchy today....sorry No One's perfect, even in the blogger world! ;)



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