Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Post About Nothing.

It's Thursday and I have nothing to post about. So let's just watch something funny!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5 Years, Where Did You Go?

On this day 5 years ago right before noon our lives changed forever. We were blessed with the sweetest gift from God. This was our baby boy and there was no denying it!

He is full of adventure and happy all the time!


He loves the beach and could be out there for hours!


His personality blooms everyday! He has a little bit of a nerdy side when it comes to dressing up.

He is good at being silly and making faces with the best of 'em!

He loves his Moma & Daddy very much!

 This year you will start Kindergarten. How did it get here so fast? You are growing and changing so much each and everyday. I pray that you are always patient and strong in all you do. You love to make friends with everyone. You are like your Papa and your Moma, that you never meet a stranger. You're learning how to use a gun and it will help you one day to provide for your family. Remember to always be safe. You will always test me and trick me but the truth always comes out! You always tell me within a few minutes. I love that you do this but sometimes it's not fun or funny! You and your Daddy have a beautiful bond. That's something you can never lose. I pray that as you get older you get the knowledge you need and are successful in life no matter what you do. We love you Zane!
Love, Moma & Daddy 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Think I'm Going Crazy

Days like today, I just want to go back to bed. Lately I feel I have no energy for anything. I've got to get back into a routine soon or I might just become a vegetable. & That is NOT okay!

This past weekend was another busy blunder! Okay, it was actually really good! The hubs went four wheeling and Zane and I had the house to ourselves! We had a t-ball banquet/party on Saturday, a surprise party that night for one of my best friends {at our house}, clean house and movie on Sunday, and a bbq at the neighbors on Monday! Whew! I loved every minute of it but I'm partied out! This Moma needs a slight break. And by break I sleep for like 4 days straight. Okay, I lie, I only need one or two. Hear that hubs? Yeah I didn't think so. It's okay, I'll make it somehow.

Funny Seasonal Ecard: Just a heads up that I'm starting my summer diet which has probably ended by the time you're reading this.

Yep. I'm trying a Raw Week deal. I'm totally pumped and ready. {Maybe?!? Or am I going crazy??} Well that was until I got into the grocery store and realized that I had two vegetables and like ten fruits in my basket. Yeah...that can't be a good sign. I had carrots and cauliflower. So, I am not a picky eater but some spicy stuff I'm not that into. I've been hesitant on buying raw peppers. Does anyone have suggestions? I also am trying hummus today for the first time. I bought the garlic one. We shall see! If you follow me on insta (@thecarolinacountrygirl) you can find out the verdict later.  I'm sure I won't be able to go ALL day with eating just fruits and veggies. So I am keeping dinner as normal but with exceptions like portion, grilled, and such. I don't wanna go hungry. I'm just trying to get a better lifestyle in eating habits. Yes to lose a few pounds but also to be a bit healthier. I'll definitely keep you posted on if I can make it the whole 7 days or not!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

One Last "It's OK Thursday!"

 Go link up with Amber and Neely one last time! Today is the last day of this link-up!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...
...that this is the LAST It's OK Thursday. I've linked up on and off for the last year and a half at least!

...there are other link-ups out there! But I will miss this one!

...that I am considering a Raw Week. Yep. Me. I know! Cray Cray! not have regular posts lately, because life has been busy. It's more important and much better to live in real life than to live on a computer. I promise! I always document it later! On the computer of course! ha!

...that I attended a wedding last weekend and I still haven't shared it with you!

...matter of fact, I have lots I've said I'd share and I haven't. It's OK! be counting down until vacation. Yes, it's that time again! A late summer vacay again. Those are always the hardest to wait for! Hopefully I can full off a mini Surfside vacay too! Maybe?!? I need a tan! read SkinnyMeg's blog post or not, I find something new to read all the time...I think I'm obsessed! Her love of bright colors, chevron, and being beautiful are just a few of the things we have in common! Besides, I love her story!
Goodbye It's OK THURSDAY!
You will be missed by all!

If you want to join in on "It's OK" Thursday, all you have to do is type up a post like I have here, grab the linky button (at the top of this post) for your post, and link up!

What's okay with y'all today?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ahoy Matey!

This past weekend we celebrated Zane's 5th Birthday! 

I started planning for this pirate party about 3-4 weeks in advance so that I could gather all my ideas into one pile! I also start getting little bits here and there for decorations and supplies. I try to do it that way because it keeps me from having to buy it all at once and have a 'big bill' at the end. Pinterest and my own brain were the root of ideas here. It was hard work but I enjoy making my kid smile, so it's worth it! 

I'm darn proud of this cake! Thanks to Google I found enough pictures to gather the idea in my head of how I wanted this 'Ship Cake' to turn out. I think it came out great! It was simple and anyone can do it! Here is a link of how to get the shape started. Once I got the shape, I was on my own and winged the rest.

It was an overcast day and there were thunderstorms in the forecast. I was scared it was going to rain on our parade, but it held out! I'm so thankful it did! The slip 'n' slide is always a hit! They were playing so hard that it started wrinkling and going downhill. I had to fix it several times!

Walk the plank ye matey!

 I had two projects set up for them to do but only one was a hit! We started out trying to make hats out of newspaper, but that was 'boring'! Then I whipped out the foil and solo cups to make hook hands! It was a big hit with all the kids! They also got to put on temporary tattoos and eye patches.

Since I had the party right after lunch, I didn't have a big spread of food. There were Canon balls {grapes}, Fish 'n' Chips {Plain chips with goldfish and pretzels on bottom}, Fish Bait {sour gummy worms},  Fish of the Sea {Swedish Fish in blue jello}, Dead Man fingers {BBQ Lil smokies}, and Jolly Roger Juice {fruit punch}.

Zane loved the cake! He probably told me 10 times that day that I was the coolest Mom ever! And that right there is why I do this! I can wear myself thin and then hear that. It makes me tear up and tingle inside! Zane was blessed with gifts and then it was time for the pinata. It didn't take long to break into that booger!

The kids loved Zane's tired swing! It's authentic because it's a large off road tire courtesy of the Hubs ripping it on a rock on an off road trip. Zane's happy!

As the kids were leaving they got to take home homemade pirate swords. Of all things, I didn't get a picture of the final product! They loved them and thought it was the neatest gift to take home from a party! I'm sure the parents weren't as thrilled as the kids! This has to be one of my favorite parties I've done for my boy so far! I can't wait to see what the next party holds!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The What's Happenins

Reading: Not a damn thing. Do blogs or Pinterest count? I don't read near as much as I used to.
Watching: The Vampire Diaries, Duck Dynasty re-runs, and The Real World right now. I watch them off the DVR days later. That's about all I have time for these days.

Thinking About: How I'm going to get through the next few days and the weekend! There is so much going on. A loss in the Hubs family {not going into details. sorry.}, Zane's 5th birthday set up and tear down, Wedding Reception, Mother's Day for our Mothers at Dollywood and where do I relax? Then you have Memorial Day which is Zane's real birthday and it's a holiday. I'm gonna be the epitome of the chicken with it's head cut off. Prayers please?!?
Loving: The weather. It's finally staying warm/hot around here. I've been planting flowers and plants in the yard finally. It's starting to come around. I think.

Looking Forward To: Zane's birthday party and Dollywood with our mothers! I'm hoping it's nothing but perfect!

Wondering: Who all reads this blog. I mean, those of you that comment I've gotten to know, but those of you that don't - I wonder who you are, what you do, where do you live? So deep. ha.

Cooking/Baking: Well, a whole lot of nothing lately. I've been so slack in this department! It's either we have sandwiches or we go out due to t-ball. I'm okay with it. For now.

Disliking: Death. Rain. I'm over the both of you. If you're from the Southeast side of the US of A you know what I mean. Too much craziness going on. Rain included.
Making Me Happy: I'm happy about life in general. Although it's been balls to the wall busy, I've been enjoying it. I'm also trying to soak up every moment that the hubs is here at home. I'm sure it won't be long he will be back out on the road.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oh So Happy Mother's Day

I've been a busy bee. I like it but I'm ready to settle in a little bit. Spring is finally warming up and I'm loving it! The rain has been a downer on somethings but God came through when we needed it to be nice out. 
Little did I know, my Mother's Day started out on Friday! I came home from work to two men dressed up and ready to take me out for dinner!

I was given gifts of love before we left. One of them was this:

30? Really son? I'm not 30, for the record, I'm 28, going on 29 and I refuse to be 30!
Zoo Keeper? Maybe he is referring to our house as the Zoo and I'm trying to contain the madness!
Pink! Yep he got that right! But have a lot of favorite colors!
I do like some chicken wings! But only from certain places!
I recently bought the Florida Georgia Line CD and we sing Cruise together.
I've never cooked a real chicken pot pie in my life. I can remember cooking one of those Homestyle Bakes that is similar. Maybe that's what he is talking about?!? Who knows!
I do laugh when he is silly!
Camping is one of our favorite family outings!
I do take care of my booger errrday!

They boys took me for a nice sushi dinner and then we came home to relax! As I was opening the mail I got a great surprise! Pamela had sent me a copy of the group photo from our night out in Asheville! I may or may not have teared up a little!

Then I was surprised with more gifts! The hubs handed me a bag and said that photo is perfect! I opened it and had the perfect picture frame for my new photo and a Vera Bradley wristlet!

Isn't is perfect?!? I thought so too!

I am truly blessed beyond measure for everyone that is apart of my life. I couldn't ask for a better group of people! Whether you are near or far, I love you to the moon and back!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Anna, Annabelle, & a Copycat

I love me some Brin and she had this funny post today! I instantly had to be the copycat! So two posts in one day! Wahoo!

Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)....

If you're new around these parts, my brother lives in the skies. He was an awesome fisherman. He won tournaments.  I can get my line hung up on on everything. It never fails. 

My best friend says...

That I'm crazy and I'm crafty. If she'd become a blogger, you'd know WAY TOO MUCH!

People call me...

Anna, Annabelle, Martha {because I'm crafty} and some even call me Tater. Yes, Tater. It was my childhood nickname. Only a few select family members get the privilege of calling me this. And no you may not!

I most often dream...

Of front porch sitting on my wrap around porch farm house that overlooks a pond full of catfish and a large barn out back filled with donkeys, horses, goats, and maybe a few pigs. oh. and a tractor too! What's in a dream anyway?

The best part of my day...

is when I get home from work and get lovin from Zane and Steve all evening. It doesn't matter how busy we are or what we are doing, we always make sure to hug each other after coming home from a long day.

I really don't understand...

why people can't use a turn signal before they freakin turn, not as they are turning! Ugh! I don't mind you being nosey but don't lie to my face to get info. Dudes. Men. Boys.

I get really annoyed...

Easily! No lie. Someone can be tapping and I will either grab their hand {if I can reach}  and stop it! The hubs is notorious for this! He knows I hate it! Or tapping your foot. geez. When people who work in customer service aren't polite. THAT'S YOUR FREAKING JOB PEOPLE! If you hate your job, quit. #justsayin #don'tblameitonme

I could do this all day....

Blog and stay at home! I mean who wouldn't?!?
There's nothing like a...

vacation after a vacation! Can I get one of these stat? Or what about a Tigertini?

Lately, I can't get enough...

of Nutella {Kelli, it's all your fault!}, God, family, friends, pizza, wings, and blogging!

One thing I am NOT is...

Singer. I cannot sing. I may try my damnedest, but I can't. I love to sing, but it sounds bad. Don't ask me to sing karaoke. It ain't happenin.

I spent too much money on...

Shoes, if you'd ask the hubs. I digress. I only wear flip flops and boots most of the time. Okay, maybe thrown in some Toms. That's it. I vote that his vote don't count. I say etsy and Lane Bryant!

I want to learn....

a real career. I am a former hairstylist. I loved it but I lost my passion for it. I blame it on corporations. I've considered going back to school, but I sucked at it the first go round, what makes me want to dive head first into that again?

If I ever met _________, I would...

Jen I would hug her and love her and get drunk with her. I don't lie. #chocolatecakeshots #shotshotsshots We'd have to include Carley too!

I can't stop...

Eating chocolate. It's my weakness. If it's available to me, I can't resist the urge. It's like it consumes me. Weight. It does. {pun intended}

Never have I ever...

rode in a limousine. flew in a helicopter. been able to go more than one day without washing my hair. I hate the way it feels. been this fat. liked tequila alone. done hardcore drugs. not gossiped. it's in a woman's blood to gossip.

Reese Witherspoon...

is cute and dainty. Always will be. She is a great actress and means well. Don't mess with her!


I've joined this link-up because I wanted to copycat Brin! It's the coll thing to do! But also Holly and Jake are pretty darn funny to read! 

What Momma Needs

As you all should know by now Mother's Day is this Sunday! What?! You forgot? OH NAW! {hell naw y'all done up and done it! You know you just sang that nappy song! Thank me later.} You better get your tail in gear and figure out what you're gonna do! There are plenty of ideas out there these day thanks to Pinterest. But I'm not using pinterest. These are ideas are my own!
1. A wallet/wristlet to carry around all that money Momma spend on you! I prefer this one from Sakroots in the Berry True Love print! It also converts to a crossbody!

2. Some blinging flip flops. What woman doesn't love a good pair of flops?

3. Flowers or plants. This is a given. Mother's like flowers and they like plants. Plants last longer but I also like a good bouquet from our local florist once or twice a year!

4. A nice piece of jewelry is a way of saying "I love you, Mom!" Monogram pieces are the "it" to get!

Gifts for Mom don't have to be bought. They can be gifts that you've made or created. It can be something that you did for her, like cook her dinner and wash the dishes afterwards too. If your Mother is up in the clouds and celebrating with Jesus, we know she's got all the gifts she needs! Just celebrate her and her life. Write a letter to her. It doesn't matter what you do for your Momma as long as you let her know how much she means to you.

Now get something together and get it ready before Sunday! Don't make me tell you again!

This year the Hubs and I are taking our Mothers to Dollywood! Together. It will be one big ol treat! I can't wait!

What will you be doing for your Mom?

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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

T-Ball, Sickness, & Guns...

I ain't gonna lie. I've had no interest in blogging the past week. I say this as I hang my head in shame. I guess I felt the need for a break. Not sure why, but I took one. Sometimes a break is good! I'll show you what has been going on lately.  


Working and t-ball has taken up a majority of our time this spring. I don't mind it one bit! We've had so much fun playing ball this year! I can't wait until he gets bigger and better! I think this is his sport! Last week Zane got sick. High fever and cough. It was rough. Yesterday was the first time he was totally 99% himself.

 While I laid up with the boy because he didn't want his Moma out of his sight, Daddy was working on a new project for his birthday party! I can't wait to share! Over the weekend Zane started feeling better and wanted to get out of the house. We got the idea to go to the rifle range and shoot. That's one of our favorite things to do as a family. We even took my mother-in-law this time! On our way there, the MIL asked if we could stop at Stumphouse Tunnel. Of course we did! It started raining as we got there, but that didn't stop us from having fun!


What do you do on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Eat boiled peanuts and shoot guns, duh!
If we go to the rifle range we always go by the peanut shack and get the world's best boiled peanuts! I've been eating them from there since I was a kid. No one can make them like they do...and I've had my fair share of trying other boiled peanuts. If you haven't ever had them, you need to! Anyone know if I can overnight them? Amy, If I could, I would love!


The hubs and I got to shoot together. That was weird. We usually shoot one at a time. I was shooting a semi-automatic 9mm and he was shooting a .38 special revolver. I've come to a conclusion that I do not like a revolver. So this Mother's Day y'all can just send me some bullets. Mmmkay? 

Zane got to shoot his Chipmunk .22 and MIL shot her .38 special revolver that the hubs was shooting. Despite the rain we had a great time. Good clean fun and lessons for the boy too! We are consistent and teaching him all about gun safety. Lord only knows that there are people reading this thinking, "Why are you shooting guns around your child?!?" I am teaching my child fundamentals of guns and the safety of guns. If you don't approve, that's okay. You're entitled to your own opinion. In our house, we use guns.


I have to include this video of my MIL shooting the .9mm she was a bit skiddish because she isn't used to it. I laughed while recording this! {Sounds like she got excited!}

So, this is what we've been up to. Not a whole lot of anything else. We've got more t-ball. weddings, and vacation coming up in this month so if my posts are sparse, sowwie! I've still been reading, I promise!
Get out and live life y'all!

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