Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Deck the Halls with Deco Mesh

I posted this photo on instagram and my personal facebook. I've never got that many complements on anything I've posted! People were saying it looks like something from a magazine. I digress, but Thanks!

It really boosted my esteem! I told y'all yesterday that the Hubs says I put too much on my tree, but I say the more the merrier!

I love to decorate. I got that from my Moma. It's in our genes. My great grandmother used to go ALL OUT for Christmas! She would let all the kids decorate her tree every year the night of Thanksgiving! We loved it!

I'm all about being frugal when it comes to buying decorations or craft supplies. I found some deco mesh at Walgreen's for $7.99! Pamela said that Michael's has theirs for $5.99 this week! Go grab it up y'all!

I found a simple tutorial on pinterest last week for a wreath and I had to make one! Sad part is, I can't link to the actual tutorial because I can't find it anymore. Shame on me.

1.) Wire Coat Hanger
2.) One roll of Deco Mesh (the wide one)
3.) Wire cutters (not the ones pictured. these wouldn't cut)
4.) Small gauged wire or tape (the tutorial said tape, I used wire)

Start by forming your wire coat hanger into a circle. Take your time and work with it a bit to get it just right. I had hubby cut the end of the coat hanger off. (the hook part, from the bottom of the twisted part up) The I twisted the wire together to form a circle. You may have to reshape your circle now.

Gather the end piece of deco mesh and wrap with wire/tape. Attach to the wire circle. Using 6-8 inch sections wire/tape the deco mesh to the wire circle. Pushing and bunching them together as you go to make it pouf. Do this until you get to the end. You may have some left over depending on how big your sections of pouf are.

The bigger the pouf the fluffier your wreath will be. I suggest sticking to the 6 inch range. I think that my wreath is a little too poufy. I think If I would have did it smaller that I could have added other ribbon or nic-nacs to it.  So get out there and make your own deco mesh wreath! Then I want you to show it to me!



Monday, November 26, 2012

Show & Tell: Thanksgiving

Linking up with Becky today!

Whew! Thanksgiving is over. It's kind of bitter sweet. On Thursday, we enjoyed great fellowship with family at my parents house. We also ate WAY too much food! My mother hosted her side of the family at her house. We ate, we played, and we even talked about our Black Friday shopping plans!

Yes, my mother dearest already has her Christmas tree up!

I made Sweet Potato Souffle for the first time! I'm pretty proud of it! I don't normally like to eat it, but this time I made it and knew I needed to try it. I actually liked it but I don't think I could eat it all the time! It's just one of those things you eat on special occasions like this!

Around 10pm Thursday night, Moma, my Uncle, and I headed out to get in line for some Black Friday shopping! We got in line at our local Belk store. It didn't open until midnight, but because of the deals, it was a crazy line! The first 250 customers got a gift card! The amount ranged from $5-$1000! There was one $1000 card for each store! Well, my mom and I got $5 and my Uncle got $10! We also racked up on some shoes and clothes and other misc. deals! After that we headed to Target and then we went to eat at the trusty Waffle House! We were home by 4am. We stayed as far from Wally World as possible. We did that last year and it was a nightmare! This year I don't think the deals were all that great. There wasn't any awesome deals on anything I was looking for. (3DS mainly) So maybe next year will be better.

Saturday Zane was awfully sick! He woke up several times in the night sick. Finally that afternoon he was feeling a bit better. I wanted to get out of the house so we decided to shoot guns in the back yard! (thank goodness for living in the country) Our target was our pumpkins from Halloween. We shot the little chipmunk .22, the Hubs shotgun, and a 9mm. It was my first time shooting a pistol. I was nervous but I liked it.

After unloading a ton of ammo into that poor pumpkin, we came inside to decorate for Christmas! They boys helped for a total of 20 minutes. Then they gave up because they think I put too many decorations on a tree. What do you think I said to that? NO WAY! You can never have too much! I also worked on making a deco mesh wreath! More details about that this week! P.S. Buy your deco mesh at Walgreen's! $7.99!

Next Week's Show & Tell: Show off Your Christmas List & Tell us About It!!



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gobble til Ya Wobble!

I don't know about you, but I'm planning to eat my way through this holiday. Well, I won't be able to taste any of it. You see, Saturday morning {the morning of the Color Run} I woke up with a sore throat. I nursed it with a Carmel Apple Cider {no whip cream} from Starbucks in the pretty red cup that everyone loves so much. It worked. Until I got home and rested.

Y'all, I now I have a cold and a sore throat.
I will tell you that it was worth every single moment that I had with each girl I met that day! For the rest of the week you won't hear much from me since it is Thanksgiving week! Other than to get up for more food, my butt will be planted on my parents reclining sofa.  

I will be surrounded by family tomorrow and on Friday I am braving the madness of Black Friday shopping with my moma! Y'all pray I don't end up behind bars because someone cut in line in front of me or pushed me out of the way to get a 3DS before I do! 'Because Imma CUT you!' {Bon Qui Qui anyone? No? YouTube it! You're welcome.}

For realz, I won't be eating my way through Thanksgiving, but you can't count on me eating a lot and whoopin' tail if anyone gets in my way on Black Friday. That's my reasons that I won't be posting anymore the rest of the week and weekend. Duces til Monday!

I pray you all have safe travels, and a week filled with family & friends.
If you don't have family, accept a friend's invitation to be with them for the holiday. No one likes to be alone.


Monday, November 19, 2012

I am Thankful: Color Run Edition

Today, I am thankful that I can still breathe after inhaling all that colored dust into my lungs.

I am thankful for the girls I was able to meet through blogger and then to meet them in real life.

I am thankful that I didn't chicken out of going, like I had thought about several times.

I am thankful that I didn't huff and puff the whole time.

I am thankful we didn't run, although I felt like I could have. {minus those hills} haha
I am thankful that I made it to the end without being last.

Let's do it again! Are you ready? haha


Blogland Friendships can last a lifetime too!

Wow, It's Monday already?!? No!!!!! Okay, so maybe it is. I will suck it up and deal with it!

Happy Monday Y'all!
Y'all I had the best weekend I have had in a very long time! Friday afternoon I drove up to Charlotte and headed to Ruby Tuesdays. There I met Kristina! She is such a sweet girl! We talked as if we knew each other, in a way we did. Virtually. Now we know each other in real life!

I got up at the crack of dawn Saturday morning to meet 5 fabulous ladies! I knew these girls through blogging, but that's it! At first my hubby thought I was crazy! Then I thought I was crazy but the more I got to know these girls, I was all giddy and excited! We met up before the race to get the awkwardness out of the way and it was a good idea, but there wasn't any awkwardness. Or I didn't think so!

We then headed over to the race! People in white every freakin' where! The atmosphere was awesome! People dancing and shouting and having a good time!


While standing around waiting for the race to start we started getting to know each other more. Oh and did I mention that it was around 29 degrees outside? OMG! It was so cold!


Blue in the arm pit anyone?




This video is of us singing Call Me Maybe. I'll never think of this song the same again, but for good reason!


Listen closely at the 0:12 mark! You can hear my big mouth! That's exactly how I am!

Thanks Tamara for letting me steal your pictures! I have a few on my phone that I will share tomorrow!

Bethany, Kristina, Pamela, Sandy, & Tamara,
You girls were so much more than expected! We all connected and had a great time this weekend! We all had our special moments Saturday, mine, was caught on video! I'm so glad that I now know each of you in real life and not just in blogland! Thanks for being your awesome selves! I can't wait to plan another adventure with y'all!


Friday, November 16, 2012


Happy Friday Y'all! I'm on my way to Charlotte to get my Color Run on! Today's post is courtesy of my being a Liebster award recipient again! Thanks Jen & Jennifer!

I was tagged by Jen over at Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This and Jennifer at Life as Jane Doe.

1. I don't like big crowds as much as I used to. {ex: Disney during the summer}
2. I fear of sneezing while driving and having a wreck.
3. I love chocolate anything.
4. I have anxiety issues, but I deal. Not as well as I or my hubby would like.
5.  I love Jeeps but I don't like how much they like to drink gas!
6. I can only remember having hair down past my shoulders once in my life. High school.
7. I don't mind getting in the dirt to play but I also like to get cleaned up and be priss ass too!
8. I'm doing a 5k tomorrow, but I am not running! I will proudly walk the whole 3.1 miles!
9. I hate to be late and I hate having to wait on others who are late!
10. I do not, never will like auto-correct!
11. I can't go 10 minutes without looking at my phone. {I've tried}

Jen's Answers to the Questions for my Liebster Award:

1. What is your favorite beauty product? Redken Extreme Anti-Snap

2. Who is your celebrity crush?

3. Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? Mountains or the Ocean... I love both! Can I get some ocean front property in Colorado by chance?

4. If you could do one thing over in your life what would it be and why? Tell my brother how much I love him over and over and over.

5. When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be a first grade teacher!

6. What is your favorite book? Twilight Series and The man who loved Clowns

7. What are you most looking forward to in the next few months? Being with family and friends for the holidays

8. What is #1 on your Christmas list this year? New Cowboy Boots!

9. What is the best concert you have been to? If you have never been to a concert who would you like to see in concert? SUGARLAND for SURE! They Rocked it and I can't wait to see them again! The Hubs, my BFF and I went one year and had the best time ever!

10. What kind of car do you drive? 08 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

11. What is your most embarrassing moment? Oh gah! This happened a few months ago! I was eating watermelon and a co-worker shot a seed into my mouth as I was talking and I choked a little. I was also laughing, or trying to, at the same time. Then, yep. You guessed it. I peed my pants. As I get up to run to the restroom, there was a wet spot left on the seat. I didn't know that until the next day when co-workers show me the photos. I was so embarrassed! Now, we laugh it off! At the time I was scared to look at them in the eye! BTW, I cleaned the chair. It was a fabric chair! Oui Vey!

Jennifer's Answers to the Questions for my Liebster Award:

1. What celebrity do you identify with the most? Most def. Melissa McCArthy
2. What is the most popular search term/phrase that drives traffic to your blog? Country Girl Sayings...haha...

3. What are your biggest pet peeves? People smoking at an entrance to a non-smoking restaurant! UGH!

4. Do you have any scars with really get stories behind them? If so, how did you get them? Good Question! I was 11 and got dog bit between my legs. I still have the ugly scars on both legs!

5. What is your favorite nail polish brand and color? Sinful colors! I like any bright colors!

6. Is there a specific topic that you might consider yourself an expert? If yes, what are some of the things most people don't know about it. No not really!

7. What terrifies you the most? Death

8. What makes you the happiest? Being around friends and family

9. Who do you admire and what qualities about that person make you admire them? My mom and everything about her! Her strength mostly!

10. Sweet or Salty? Both! I like a good mix!

11. What is your best organization tip? What's organization? haha! I have no skill on this! sowwiE!

Have a great weekend! Oh, and say a prayer for me to have safe travels and a great time meeting blog friends!

P.S. Enjoy this hit from way back when. It put a smile on my face this morning!  Love!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's Okay Thursday #38

It's one day closer to Friday! Yay!
This post was made easier by drinking a whole RedBull before typing! ha! That's one way to get through the day! Enjoy your day today and tell someone you love them!

 Go link up with Amber and Neely
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that I haven't worked out or done any exercise activities in three weeks. Saturday is the Color Run and Charlotte and I am walking the whole thing! Proudly! ha!

...that today I might tear up out of the blue, but it's only because I am thinking of my little brother. Today is 4 years of him being gone. I miss him but I know he is in a much better place than I am! not do what everyone else is doing. That includes decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Yes, Moma, that includes you! Sorry I'm not sorry!
...that I won't be going to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2 tonight! I'm saving it for a time with my best friend! We've seen every single Twilight movie together! I want to keep it that way! not have a lot to talk about today! I'm doing good to post everyday so far this week!
...that I love my readers as much as I love my friends! Thank you for reading! Each and every one of you!

If you want to join in on "It's OK" Thursdays, all you have to do is type up a post like I have here, grab the linky button (to the left of my blog) for your post, and link up!

What's okay with y'all today?



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