Monday, November 28, 2011

We have a Winner!


And the Winner of my handmade stocking is...

Ryan K. from Ryan's Pearl!

I love your blog and I'm glad to have you as a bloggy friend! Email me with your info and I will have your stocking in the mail! You can choose black and zebra or white and zebra.
(you can find my email address on my profile)

I hope y'all had a great Thanksgiving! 
We sure did!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Only time will tell

Tomorrow is the day! I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Well will have family at our house the rest of the week, so I probably won't get any blogging done. The Hubs and I will be cooking up a storm!But I can tell you this, the events that will be taking place will be posted here so look forward to that! You don't want to miss what I have in store!


Do any of you have special traditions that your family does? My family does not have any traditions other than making sure we all go to my Uncle's house to eat! For myself, I always try to watch ALL of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! One day, I will be there in person!

What's your family Thanksgiving dinner spread include? We always have a turkey and ham, cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, mac n cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, and rolls. Desserts are ALWAYS pecan pie and pumpkin pie. This year by special request, my mom is making a Chocolate pecan pie! (my request!) hehe


Do you partake in the Black Friday shopping? I haven't since I was younger with my mom. I scoped out this year and there isn't anything that I just really have to have. Sad. I know. Maybe one day! But I really don't do crowds well.

Do you decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving? I sure do! I really wanted to decorate sooner, and would have if it weren't for family coming over for lunch. You can bet your bottom dollar my tree will be put up by the weekend!


I pray you all have safe travels, and a week filled with family & friends. If you don't have family, accept a friend's invitation to be with them for the holiday. No one likes to be alone.

P.S. Don't forget to Check out my Giveaway!!!! It ends Sunday at midnight!
I will announce the winner Monday morning!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gibber Jabber and a Giveaway!

Good Morning Lovlies~! I hope that ya'll had a fantastic weekend. I am sure that ya'll were preparing for the upcoming week! As we all know Thursday is Thanksgiving! I cannot wait! We are hosting our first dinner at our house! The Hubs is going to fry a turkey! I get to learn how to make cornbread dressing for the first time and giblet gravy! I also cannot wait to see Baby Brayden! And his parents of course!
Do you have any plans for Thanksgiving? Any traditions you'd like to share with us?


Saturday night the Hubs and I double dated with my best friend and her hubby. Guess what we did? Yep. Dinner and a movie! It was a great time! I love hanging out with them!
Breaking Dawn Part 1 was fabulous! I just didn't like the way it ended. I guess that they do that so that you will anticipate the next one. Gosh, it sucks that the next one doesn't come out until next year! Crazy!


Now, once Thanksgiving is done, my Christmas decor will be strewn about! I have held back by not putting it out already. Although I have wanted to REALLY BAD! It was only because of us having a Thanksgiving dinner at our house that I have not done so already!

So to get the holiday season started, I am going to giveaway a girly elf stocking I made!


How to Enter:

Mandatory Entry: Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect

*Please leave all entries in separate comments*

Extra Entries:

Comment on other blogs telling them about the giveaway and leave the link (2 entries)

Blog about the giveaway and leave the link (3 entries)

I'm so excited to have this giveaway! I wish that I could make you all a stocking!

This giveaway will end at midnight Sunday, November 27th!
The winner will be annouced on Monday, November 28th!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Barely TwiHard

So yeah, at the beginning of this series when it was all the hype to read the books. I thought this was some dumb vampire story, and those just creep me out! I made fun of all the girls that I worked with at the time because they would bring in their Twilight books and read them in their spare time. It was until the first one came out on DVD that they had finally convinced me to watch it. So I borrowed it from a co-worker and went home and watched it. At first it was a slow start. I kept thinking to myself, maybe I should fast forward a bit, maybe if I keep watching something will interest me.

Once, I finished watching the whole movie, I was sitting there with tears and longing for the chance to find out what happens next! Well that day is what started my love for vampires! Hehe This story really touched me like it had millions of other people in the world! I was HOOKED! LINE AND SINKER!

That following Christmas the hubs got me the books! It took me about 2 months to read all of them, but with one exception. I have not read the last two chapters of Breaking Dawn. I want to watch the movie before I know how it all ends. I did go to the midnight showings of New Moon and Eclipse. I did not go to the midnight showing this time for Breaking Dawn Part 1. The reason behind this is, there are too many screaming girls every time Jacob is on screen. It's very annoying! Yes, I know he has a hot body and all but dang, I would like to hear what he has to say! No lie during the whole entire movie that is all you heard! So lesson learned. No more midnight showings for this girl!

I wouldn't say that I am a die hard "TwiHard" but I love this series! This also lead me into my LOVE for Vampire Diaries, which I would say I love more than Twilight. Are you apart of the Twilight bandwagon?

Am I crazy for not reading the last two chapters?
Do you think I will regret not reading it first?

Tomorrow the hubs and I have a date with my best friend and her hubby to see Breaking Dawn Part 1! I am totally excited! I will let you know what I think?

Here is the trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 1:

TGIF Ya'll!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"It's OK" Thursday #7

Good Morning Y'all! I am starting to feel a bit under the weather. It's been working its way up since the weekend. I feeling bad, weak, and coughing my head off. Mucinex has become my friend and were trying to work things out here. In the mean time, enjoy some "It's Ok" Thursday! Go link up at Brunch with Amber!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that Zane and I are feeling yucky...cough and runny nose. I just hope it's gone by Thanksgiving! have Thanksgiving at my house! We are excited! want to lay my head on my desk and go to sleep.

...that I haven't bought anything for our dinners! What a shame!

...that there is a bowl left over from yesterday's lunch still sitting on my desk. I'll get it in a minute. Ha! be lazy sometimes, but that sometimes can't turn into most of the time, because then you will have quite the mess to clean up later! go to a friends house and take pictures for their Christmas card, even if you have not even thought about starting to work on your own. still want to go back to sleep! I feel like rot! look at blogs all day long, I do every now and then! Somehow still manage to get my work done! wish I was wrapped up in a leopard print snuggie on my couch sipping on Cranberry Sierra Mist and watching non-stop Christmas movies!

...that this Twilight premier, I will not be at the midnight showing. I have learned my lesson! Too many screaming youngins! ha! I can't wait though! My bestest and her hubby are double dating with me and my hubs to go see it!

If you also want to join all you have to do is type up a post like I have here, grab the linky button (to the right of this blog) for your post, and link up!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekender Recap

Remember me hoping that my Hubby would take me to the mountains?! No? Refresh your memory here.
So my wish came true! We got to get away for the weekend for some needed "Mommy & Daddy" time.

We went to good ole Pigeon Forge! We totally just relaxed and shopped! I was shocked when we got up one morning Steve said that we were going to start our Christmas shopping. I am sure he knew I had a list started! I always do. So we only have like three people left to buy for and we are done! Ah-May-Zing! I tell ya, Ah-May-Zing! That evening we enjoyed dinner at J.T. Hannah's Pub. It was a great atmosphere and the food was pretty good.



My mom watched Zane while we were gone and I am truly thankful for her doing that for us!
Sunday when we went to pick Z up he was not ready to leave! Once we got home we did a little crafting! We made thankful turkeys! I got the idea out of the Better Homes and Garden magazine! I know, I can't believe it didn't come from Pinterest! Ha!


Thanksgiving is only 9 days away!
What are your plans for this holiday?


Thursday, November 10, 2011

"It's OK" Thursday #6

I am so ready for the weekend. I just need want to get away and take my mind off things in real life. Nothing crazy going on in my life, but my brain needs a break! Ha! Have a great day ladies!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

...that I am ready to start decorating for Christmas and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet!

...because Zane keeps asking when we will put our Christmas Tree up! wish my Hubby would wisk me away for the weekend. GSM or Biltmore...hmmm ;) miss a few days of blog posting to meet a new baby! I love you Brayden! not wash your hair everyday. I try to get away with it, but it doesn't work out so well. look online at the shoes and clothes you want but never buy them. I even put them in a cart just too see them there. make a list of things I want to get Z and the Hubs for Christmas, that way I can stay focused when I get in the stores! I use the Android App called ColorNote. You can make lists and check them off. It's very wasy to use! not have a clue as to what I am getting my parents or what we will get the Hubs parents for Christmas. Guess I will have to look online...;) read other blogs and think you are great friends, there are a few I email. Maybe one day we will meet IRL!

...that I can't use Pinterest at work...wait! it's not ok! I am totally bummed about it! Boo hoo!

...that I have been at work everyday this week an hour early for no reason! Whew Crazy I know! be counting down the HOURS until the weekend starts! 32 hours to be exact! woot woot!

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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

It's a BOY!

So, I am sure y'all have been wondering why I haven't been posting. Well, I have good reason!

This little guy was welcomed into the world on November 3, 2011!

My sister-in-law (SIL) called late last Wednesday night to say her water had broke. I got the phone call, quickly packed a bag for Z and I, and we headed out on the road! We arrived 3 hours later in Alabama where she was in labor at the hospital. Twenty-one hours of labor and they opted for a section. That day all our lives changed. Baby Brayden was born into this crazy mess of a world. I pray he stays strong and comes to know God very well.

Waiting for baby to come out of OR

Being weighed for the first time.

Zane, aka "Big Cousin", meeting his new cousin for the very first time! He was so excited! We spent most of the day at the hospital making sure that mommy and baby could adjust well. They are doing just fine and are now at home. I wish that I could be with them in Alabama, because I just LOVE cuddling with him and giving him sweet kisses!

Zane's first time holding Baby Brayden! He didn't want to let go! It was precious!
We were sad to leave to come home, but work waited on our return. I cannot wait to go back and love on Baby Brayden some more! We love them so much!


A Friend's Giveaway!

Not everything in life comes free,
but you sure can try to win it for free!

My blog friend Allison over at Just a Carolina Girl is hosting an awesome giveaway!
She is gifting someone their choice of a cashmere feel scarf or pashmina from Marley Lilly!

Go check it out and become her friend!


Wednesday, November 02, 2011

WILW Party! #2

It's Wednesday y'all!
It's time to have our linky party so everyone of you can share what you love
and you can find what others love!

So join in and have fun! Don't forget at the bottom of this post to add your information so that you can be shared with all who view this post each and every Wednesday!


What am I loving this lovely Wednesday? hmm...

I love the colors of the leaves this time of year! My favorite is the orangy/yellow ones!

I am loving the fact that Thanksgiving is so close! This bird is ready to get her grub on!

Baby Brayden will be here any day! I can't wait to be an Aunt and the Hubs is excited to be an Uncle!
I also love that friends of ours are due around the same time and they will be great parents! What a joy to be around so many new babies!

I love that Christmas is only 52 days away! I am soo excited to get my tree up and put out ALL my decorations! I have now added a count down to the left side of my blog! I love Christmas!

I am loving that the weather is cooler and looking forward to some snow this year! Last year we got the perfect amount! I hope we get it all again this year!

I am loving the MIRABELLA Colour Shine lip gloss I won from Kristin!!! Thanks girl for such a cool giveaway!

Link up and Share with us What you Love every Wednesday!



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