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Okay yall, I am on the band wagon as well! Thanks Pamela *wink*


Fabulous Valentine Challenge - Day 2

I am linking up again with these lovelies!

Valentine’s Day Challenge

{Day 2}
Love Telling This Bad Date Story - Worst Date Ever

Umm yeah, so the worst date ever?
Well I have several from my past before the Hubs came along! hehe

I will give you just one. I thought I was some big shot in high school because I always ended up dating older guys. Why? I don't know.

Anywho, there was this guy that I thought I liked that didn't go to my school. He had already graduated and was not just a few years older but several years older than me. He asked me out and he came and picked me up at my parents house. Talked with my Dad (even though my Dad was not too happy about this at all) and my Mom then we left. We get in his car and he asked me what I wanted to do? I told him I didn't care. He had no plan, no nothing! I was giving this guy the benefit of the doubt here.

Where did we go? Oh we went cruising where every single young person in our county hung out. Gah, I thought this was a date, not just a freakin hang out deal. We ended up cruising until my curfew. He took me home and tried to get a kiss...Ummm NO WAY LOSER!

Needless to say that was the last time I went out with him. I still saw him around, but never talked to him on a relationship level again! Good thing the Hubs came around not too long after that! ;)

Did any of you cruise when you were younger? Do you know what cruising is? Some people call it "skipping town" or "cutting town".

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Valentine’s Day Challenge


Monday, January 30, 2012

Fabulous Valentine Challenge - Day 1

Sorry I went MIA last week! I just was in a blog funk! I am back this week with some fun! I am linking up with the girls that hosting the Fabulous Valentine Challenge!

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Day {ONE}  - Best Date Ever

My best date ever?!? Hmm....that's a hard one! Why? Because my hubby is not the romance kind of guy. He didn't "woo" me or "reel me in" with any suave type stuff. Our first date was memorable, if you call McD's a date! lol But our best date would have to be the date he took me on Valentine's Weekend of 2005! We went to a Japanese Steak house with another couple. It was really nice. I even liked when the cook made the rice into the shape of a heart! Aww! Okay, stop all the gushy stuff! *skerrrttt*

Let's rewind to before the date! I was still living at home with my parents at the time. So I was getting ready at home and Steve was picking me up there. Well, when he got there he was acting all strange. I mean really strange, like he couldn't make eye contact with me or my parents, he would hug me or anything. I thought something bad was wrong. When I asked, he said nothing was wrong. So I continued to finish getting ready. My parents stepped out to go to the store because they were staying in to watch movies. So I was finished getting ready and I was walking out of the bathroom, barely making it to the kitchen. When he grabbed me and hugged me. I was confused. I kept asking "what is up with you?!" He sunk down on one knee, shaking like a leaf on a tree, and asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES! I don't have any pics of this taking place! Sad I know but it was nice that we were all alone. My parents came back just in time and we told them what has just happened! They knew he was going to propose but they didn't know when or how. So it was a surprise for them too! This April we will be together for 10 years and married 6! CRAZY! But I love him!


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 Valentine’s Day Challenge


Friday, January 20, 2012

Hey Y'all! Friday has finally arrived!

I figured I'd post a random picture of myself since I don't make an appearance very often!
I am posting today to finally tell you about the newest addition to our family! Last Friday we let Zane pick out a puppy to have at home. A friend of mine had several Chihuahua puppies she was trying to find homes for, so the hubby allowed us to have one! Boy, was I Zane excited! So that Friday after work, we met over at my friend's house and we let Zane pick the one he wanted. He picked a sweet one for sure!

Please meet...

She just turned 8 weeks old Wednesday. She is SO tiny! I swear she is smaller than a 20 oz bottle! Zane loves her but isn't too sure about the clean up and care for her quite yet. I hope that this will teach him a little responsibility and have a little fun growing up with a dog too. So far, she's done well with training but we will see in a month or so how my opinion changes! I will definitely keep you posted! We are glad to have her!

This is the Hubs, drooling gazing at this blue beaut and wishing it was in his possession! His 30th birthday is coming up and I have been teasing him that he is an old man! I told him that old people don't ride four wheelers or side by sides! haha! I really wish that he could have a toy like this one day!

Finally, the Lil Man! He loves to wear sunglasses! He was posing and jumping all over the place the day I took this! I love my WILD MEN! lol

Y'all have a GREAT Weekend!!!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's Okay Thursday! #13

"It's Ok" Thursday! Go link up at Brunch with Amber!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

that my co-workers and I use small nerf guns to shoot each other to have some fun and relieve stress ever now and then!

my job is getting busy again! It makes they day go by much faster!

that I am brainstorming a trip that may never happen!

that I am wishing for warmer weather because this cold is just not worth it anymore!

to want to wear my flip flops again!

that I secretly want my hubby to buy the four seater side by side so we can go play with our friends! lol

to be thankful I haven't cooked in a while. The hubs has had all control! I like it!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tatted Up

Today, I am linking up with Raven over at A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers! She is one cool Momma! I ran across her blog a few months ago and have come to love her!
A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers
Raven wants the ones who link up to show what you have or what you are thinking of getting in the future. So, I will start out with what I have.
For as long as I can remember I have always wanted at tattoo. As soon as I became "of age" to get one, my high school best friend (we will call her KB) and I went to the next state over and got one! The next state?!? Yes, we had to drive over to Georgia back in the day because South Carolina did not legalize tattooing until 2004. Now there are several places to go get tatted up in South Carolina. Anywho, back to the story. So, we are at the tattoo parlor checking out the walls of generic sketches/images. KB said that she wanted some kind of frog and I said that I wanted some kind of butterfly. So we picked out our tattoos and went behind the needle together at the same time. What did I end up with? Well, I don't have any pictures of it but I did search online for something similar. I had it placed on top of my right shoulder blade.
Yeah. My First tattoo was generic. Picked off a wall.

A few years later, my second tattoo was very memorable. I was on a bachelorette trip and we all decided to get some ink! I wanted something small because I didn't want the Hubs to freak out on me. The bride loves daisies and her whole wedding was about daisies. So we decided to all get something incorporated with the daisy. I put two designs together to get this. I like this one because it was a fun trip and I will never forget it!

In 2008 my little brother passed away and I wanted to get something that had the most significant meaning. My brother wore mostly Carhartt brand clothes, he loved anything that had that logo!

So I had the tattoo artist draw up the logo. Just the 'C', because my brother's name was Chad. I also had him add wings and a halo. Underneath the 'C' is the year he was born and the year he died. I miss him so much. (another story for another day)

Please excuse my crusty feet! I couldn't find a good picture of this and my  piggies need a pedi!

Two years ago, I went on a girl's trip with eight girls! I was really wanting to get my ugly, faded, bo-bo looking tattoo covered up. I also have a LOVE for SC Palmetto Tree and Crescent moon! So that is what I went with! I am not supper in LOVE with this cover up. It had to be dark to cover the old so I went with it. I had them mix it with black and blue.

This picture was taken the night after I got it.

I feel like it still needs something but I am not sure what. Here is one idea I came up with a while back. What do you think?

What tattoos do you have or plan to get?

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Check, Check, Check It Out!

From oh so fabulous Amber...

Its Ok Thursdays

I Present to you.....

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Yes Y'all ANOTHER challenge....they figured why not?


Click HERE and find out what it's all about!

Hope to see you guys link up!


Monday, January 16, 2012

*Ahem* Ladies share with your man!

Okay Ladies, here is where you need to holler for your man!

So share this post with him! It may just make you love him even more! ;)
We're all in this together right?!? RIGHT! I gotcha back girl!

Okay guys, listen up! If you can follow ALL the Do's on this list, you will be the BEST VALENTINE EVER!
You lady will be thanking you long after V-day is gone! *wink*wink*

Let me explain these.
Make your beautiful lady's day by making it personal! I mean make it more about her and not going out shopping for some crappy card that sings. I get it, you don't like this one bit, but if you will just scribble write a little note to tell her you love her and why, she will keep it forever! Promise!
Don't forget every woman loves flowers! Don't get just the normal roses unless she is a die hard rose fan! Get something unique that all the other girls will envy! But don't stop there because flowers perish! Jewelry is where its at! It will last her a lifetime and she will be one lucky lady to have such a great Valentine!

Don't give her her the normal box of chocolates. I mean really, she just made a resolution to lose weight and you buy her a dang box of chocolates?! No wonder she can't stay focused on losing weight when you are tormenting her with the ONE thing a woman with cave into when trying to lose weight. JUST SAY NO CHOCOLATES!

You can take her to dinner even though I said NO CHOCOLATES! She can still eat right at a restaurant. Don't take her to freakin McD's or Taco Hell. Take her somewhere nice that you don't normally go to. Maybe even candle lit! Make sure you can find a sitter well in advance if you have children. She wants to celebrate with you, her Valentine, not the whole crew!

If you can't find a sitter or just can't leave the house, run her a warm candle lit bubble bath. Some women I know LOVE lavender Epsom salt baths! They are very relaxing! Don't let her do anything. I mean don't let her cook, clean, or even lift a finger. If the kids are old enough you can get them to help by catering to mom!

At night when all your hard work of being a GREAT Valentine seems like its coming to and end, you still have one thing left to do. Cuddle with your lady! Spoon with her, put your body next to hers. Remind her that she is great and that you love her. Kiss her goodnight and continue to hold.
Are you still with me man?
I know. It's a lot to take in. KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE!

Don't forget to say...

What? You need Gift Ideas?
Okay, here you go! Order now so that it will arrive in time!

Anything monogrammed is completely personal!

<em>Monogrammed Heart Earrings</em>
via Marley Lilly

 Black Diamonds are something new and unique for the special girl!
via Helzberg Diamonds

This is for the lady who has all the jewelry and needs a place to put it!
sculpted <em>jewelry tree</em>
via RedEnvelope

What kind of flowers should you get?
Yeah, I got you covered there too! ;)

This is for the lovely lady who likes to keep her flowers a little longer!

This is for the daisy lover out there!
via Pro Flowers

 Ladies, you can thank me later for this post. If you feel the need to add some ideas please let me know! I know that sometimes a man finds it a real challenge to please a lady on St. Valentine's Day! That's why I'm here to help! Good Luck Girls!

***All opinions are mine and only mine. I have linked to specific companies only due to the products they have are pleasing to the woman's eye in my opinion. These companies did nothing for me other than make me hope that my hubby will read this post!

Friday, January 13, 2012

No Headlights!!

If you are so close that I cannot see your headlights, YOU ARE TOO CLOSE TO MY JEEP aka Black Betty!

Ugh! Here we go! Last night it seemed like everyone on the road wanted to ride my freakin tail! I absolutely hate tailgaters! If you want a piece of me let me introduce you to my breaks! *BAM*

No, I did not have any accident of any kind but dang people! Really?!? Do you HAVE to ride so close to me that all I see is your windshield?

Let me say this, I do not drive slow. Actually, I drive way over the speed limit. For example: If the speed limit sign says 60 I usually go 70. If the speed limit sign says 30 I usually go 40. Sometimes, if I know the area well enough I will go faster than 10 mph over the speed limit.

Nope, I didn't get any speeding tickets either. I'm so glad too! I am just ranting because I HATE when someone is tailgating or doesn't know how to drive on the road!

(In a teacher like voice) Boys and Girls, This is why we learn at an early age to drive and then go through a permit process and then have to take a driving test to get our license! If you are incapable of driving properly, Please don't drive.

By Properly I mean this:





So, next time you are on the road, Please remember to not ride someone's ass, don't text while you are driving, and stay in the right lane if you are a slow poke!




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