Monday, April 30, 2012

My Weekend

Hey Y'all! I hope that each and everyone of you had a fabulous weekend! My weekend was pretty laid back. on Friday I went and got my hurrr did! I bit the bullet and went back blonde. Really blonde. I LOVE IT! No regrets here, although I knew I should have done it sooner!

After getting my hurrr did, I went to eat dinner at my parent's house. My Dad had picked up Zane from daycare and was already there when I arrived. It had been raining most of the afternoon but quit right before dusk. My little man loves a good, long puddle to run in. He inched closer and closer until I caved and let him play in it.

Saturday, Z and I went to the first Tractor Pull of the year! It was so dang hot! It felt like summer time. Finally when the sun went down it was bearable! It was a long night because none of the trucks got to pull very far because the track was a bit slick. It made for a boring but sociable night.

Zane slept on the couch and when Steve came in from night shift he crawled into bed with us. I DO. NOT. HAVE. NOT. EVER. LIKED. THIS! It only happens once every so often, few and far in between. I never want the habit of him sleeping with us. (long story for another post) Sunday, around 11am we finally woke and went to good old Cracker Barrel. Little man had pancakes and we had lunch.

After we got home we stayed outside. I washed my Jeep and the hubs washed his.

Z made a mud pit for his Bronco. It kept getting deeper the longer we let him play. I now have a "pretty deep mud hole" {according to Zane, anyways} in my backyard.

That evening we visited the neighbors and Zane was still muddy. Our neighbors had about 4 sprinklers going at one time, and Zane got  his weekly shower a majority of the mud off. The hubs went cruising on his mower. #lame ha!

That was our weekend in a nutshell! 
How did you spend yours? 


Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Story: Part 1 - Our Engagement

On February 13, 2005, he FINALLY proposed! We had been dating for three years previously. We were going to celebrate Valentine's day with another couple by going to a Japanese restaurant. I was at my parent's house getting ready and he had showed up early to pick me up. I didn't think nothing of it as he was always punctual. While I was putting on make-up in the bathroom, I could see him pacing the floor in the kitchen. My parents had just left to get dinner from town. I was expecting them back soon. I finished my make-up and walked into the kitchen to hug my valentine. When I hugged him I could tell he was acting nervous. Once we hugged he dropped on one knee and nervously said "Will you marry me?" I cried, obviously! I boo-hooed and then my parents had returned just as we were leaving. They knew that he was going to propose this day but they didn't know when or how! I was completely ecstatic and couldn't to tell everyone I knew that we were FINALLY getting married!

We were very lucky to have a a friend ours take our engagement photos. To this day, I can't thank him enough! Thanks Chris!

Q & A

Calling All Inquisitive Readers!

What kinds of questions do you have for me?

I know that you want to know more about me!

Ask me anything! Anything at all! I will answer every single question that is asked!

The good, the bad, and even the ugly! ha!

Go ahead...
make me laugh with silly questions, make me worry about who might read my answers, make me want to tell you everything!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

"It's OK" Thursday #23


"It's Ok" Thursday! Go link up at Brunch with Amber!
Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK...

that I have not got much to post about on this Thursday. #tired

that I had a dream about one of my bloggy friends last night. It was weird! I love reading her blog but she doesn't know me that well! ha!

to have said weird dream!

that I like Instagram WAY better than lame-o Facebook. Even though they are two different things.

to only use FB to stalk see what others are up to. I hardly ever post anything lol.

that I lay in bed thinking of going back to sleep and stay in bed all day.

to be counting down the days that the hubs will be back around in the day time again. I call him my vampire hubby right now lol.

If you want to join in on "It's OK" Thursdays, all you have to do is type up a post like I have here, grab the linky button (to the right of my blog) for your post, and link up!

What's OK with you today?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I have a confession to make...

Hi. My name is Annabelle and I'm addicted to Reality Television.
Is there a cure? DO. NOT. UNPLUG. MY. T.V.!

Yeah, I admit it, my DVR is slap full of reality shows.

When Brooke included in this post to watch her friend Chelsea on Survivor, I had no clue I'd get hooked! Oh, but I am! This is the only reality show that the Hubs will watch with me other than the Real World/Road Rules Challenges. He likes the competition parts of the show. I like the stratdegy side of it.

 I am all for Chelsea and Kim! They make a great team! I hope they stay at the top! They have made some great decisions along the way!

Before he had to leave due to appendicitis, Colton was the diva of the island. I'm glad him and his devilish ways are gone. #dramaqueen

Southern Nights is almost like a CMT version of Real World. I love me some real world! The cast is made up of members from Sweet Home Alabama. If you have watched SHA, you really won't know any of the cast.

I really cannot stand Landon "Tex", he is so cocky and conceided.

Courtney is my favorite. She doesn't get too invovled with the drama but likes to speak her mind and habe a good time!

I love watching this group of roomates try to get along, have fun, and grow while in Savannah, GA. Savannah doesn't seem to welcome them with arms wide open either.

These girls are crazy! I love to see them try to get together even though some have beef with one another. I catch myself talking out loud trying to tell them what to do.

(from left to right) Anna owns bulls in the PBR, Brooke is a barrel racer, Hannah is an aspiring model, and Ali is a rising country music singer. They were stuck like glue at one time but now things have changed. Brooke and Hannah cannot seem to get along. I cannot say that I like one more than the other, because all of these girls have a piece of my heart.

Based on the book Good Christian Bitches, GCB is a funny, sassy and heartwarming drama! It isn't a reality show but it is most definetely my new favorite!

Funny GCB Ecard: I like gossiping with you because it's the only time I know you're not gossiping about me.

Are you a reality junkie?


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sometimes & Always #4

Link up with Megan at Mackey Madness!
Sometimes: I don't feel like cooking.
Always: I get my Moma too cook for me!
Sometimes: I think healthy choices.

Always: Find something not so healthy to go with it.

Sometimes: I forget to grab my sunglasses.
Always: Find another pair or buy some cheapos.

Sometimes: I try to save money.
Always: Find something online to buy.

Sometimes: My boss visits from out of town.
Always: Buys me lunch when he is here.

Sometimes: I dream about getting another cute pair of boots.
Always: Never have extra cash to spend on them.

Sometimes: My mom tries to convince me into having another baby.
Always: Remind myself about how much I love my sleep and enjoy my sanity.

Sometimes: Zane asks for a brother.
Always: Tell him that he is too rough and doesn't share well with others therefore he doesn't need a sibling! #momoftheyear sike!

(Disclaimer: I am not prego or thinking about it. For some strange reason it keeps coming up in every converstation i have with anyone lately)

Click on Megan's button below and check it out!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend in Photos

Happy Monday Ladies! I had a pretty good weekend. Not too much going on, but am very sad that Monday arrived so quickly! What a total let down! Oh well, it's back to the grindstone! I will leave you a dump of our weekend in photos.

Friday, Zane and I went to my favorite Japanese restaurant for sushi! He loved it and the wait staff loved him for some reason! They brought him cherries to add to his coke, which he LOVES, and after our meal they brought him the cutest orange to eat!

On Saturday, We went with my best friend and her daughter to the 2nd Annual Mayberry Festival in my hometown. It was comical for sure! Good ol' Barney Fife was in full character!

Zane had to have a "dragon tattoo" painted on his arm. This boy and dragons is too much sometimes! ha!

Here he is showing it off to my parents! He was proud of it! 

The Hubs got a new lawn mower and Zane had to test drive it!

My handsome nephew came to visit too! Look at those eyes!

His parents love USC and I just had to add some orange to his wardrobe! He looks undecided!

Late yesterday evening the hubs decided he wanted to go watch Hunger Games! Y'all, I'm talkin like he decided at 8:45pm! The next showing wasn't until 10pm! So we got a sitter and went. Lawd have mercy, we didn't get out of there and back home until 1am! I loved the movie and I loved having the whole theater to ourselves! It was most definitely worth staying up late!
Well folks, that about wraps up my weekend! I hope that y'all had a nice weekend too!



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