Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Potty Training Update

Potty Training has went so well! So far so good that I'm hoping that I will not have to purchase anymore dang diapers unless they are for someone else! [and not in my family either]

My previous posting HERE shows you where we getting it started. We've only had a few accidents but thank goodness they have all been at home! Everytime we are in Wally World or out for the day I constantly ask "Do you need to go the the potty?" and sometimes I just go by the restroom and take him to try with no questions asked. It's worked great! The #2 issue we've got it all figured out! All he needed was a book to look at while he sits on the 'little potty' and close the door to give him his privacy and he's golden! He will hollar and tell you he is done! {who knew a toddler needed privacy?!} Whatever works is what I say!
For those of you looking to embark on this journey, do not get discouraged! Keep trying, stay consistant, & good luck!


Right now I am in love with sewing! It's my outlet and I've run out of fabric, but ideas are flooding my mind! Dresses, Shirts, Onesies, shorts, etc. I just find way to much on the oh so awesome world wide web! If I had a couple hundred dollars to go out a get a bunch of material to get some stuff made to sell, I think it might just be a hit! But I would also need my awesome friend and new found sewing/crafting partner! {we will call her LC} She and I have had alot of fun with it so far!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Well Easter Weekend was eventful to say the least!
The weather turned out bright and dry!
Warning: This will be a long blog with lots of pictures. =]

'Project Handmade' [that's just off the top of my head lol] One of my best friends asked me a while back to teach her how to sew with a sewing machine. I couldn't resist! I love teaching people how to do stuff even if I'm not so great at it, including working with a sewing machine. Well the first try was an epic failure! After much googling online on how to fix bobbin, we got it rolling! So off we went to buy some extra fabric and other materials we would need!
We came back to my house and worked on my dining room table!
It was nice to have several hours of girl time and create some fun clothes along with it!


We finished the evening off at the local Tractor/Truck Pull. It's actually an event that started earlier in the afternoon, but the part we enjoy doesn't start until 5 or later. Zane got to participate in the Kid's Foot Race! It was so cute to see the look of confusion on his face once the kids all took off! He just did a half-hearted jog or skip to the finish line! He had a blast doing that and we were very proud of him for getting out there and trying! The Truck Pull event {other than Jeeping} is my husband's sport! Most men like football and NASCAR, mine likes fast cars/trucks, mudding, and rock crawling. With this sport he gets to run not one, but two of his trucks. He pulled the first two times with the smaller truck and then goes home [because its less than 5 minutes from our house] gets the other truck and pulls it as well! He won first place with the first truck in that weight class!  


Saturday was a great day for our simple pleasures in life!

Well with Saturday's events behind us and a good night's rest, 
Zane woke us up to play monster trucks in bed.
He had forgot that the Easter Bunny was supposed to leave him something in his basket!
He got his basket and dumped it all out in the the living room floor and found the chocolate bunny that he wanted. He took it to his room [while Steve and I are getting things ready for the day] unwrapped it completely and came into the kitchen where I was making banana pudding and chocolate nests. He held it up to me and said "See, I told ya! I'm eating this for breakfast Moma and I will bite his ears off!"  After he devoured the poor bunny, he and Daddy colored eggs. Then we were off to my parents house for lunch!

"Hi-ho Hi-ho off to Nanny's house we go!" as Zane would sing.
At my parents house we celebrated with family. We enjoyed a great meal and fellowship. It was followed by an egg hunt and excitement of the 'prize egg', goodies from my aunt, & a family picture!


I sure hope that you and your family enjoyed Easter as well!

Friday, April 22, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

I sure hope that April showers bring May flowers! Ugh the rain on Easter weekend will not be very good! I hope that it dries up today or by the end of the day tomorrow atleast to have a nice dry Easter Sunday!

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dress Fever!

I really have dress fever right now and here are several I'd love to have in my closet!
1) Heart N Soul Kimono from Belk 2) Ruffle Trim Maxi from OldNavy
3) Jersey Dress from OldNavy 4) Flutter Sleeve Dress from Macy's
1)Heart N Soul Plus Size Kimono Dress2)
3)4)Suzi Chin Plus Size Dress, Flutter Sleeve Empire Waist

I also have a delimma with shoes right now. I always have issues with spring/summers shoes being so narrow! I love the 't-strap' sandal but dang my wide foot hangs off the edges and I just refuse to buy a pair of sandals that do that!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Moments like This-

Moments like this you just can't pass up a good 'ol picture! One day he will be red in the face when he opens his yearbook to see the ' senior baby picture' section and sees this on a two page spread!
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Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Projects

I left you guys guessing on Friday what my projects for the weekend were. Why? Because I had to keep the suspense building duh! lol
So there are a few babies around and now I'm putting my sewing skills to use. I've made 2 "pillow case dresses" in two different ways, infant tu-tu, 6 onesie appliques, and a camera strap cover! I'm excited to say I have been asked to make some custom ones as well!
Below are pictures of the finished projects.


Friday, April 15, 2011


THANK GOODNESS IT'S FRIDAY! Wow I think I live for the weekends already! Especially now that it's getting warmer outside! We have no plans right now. [might be thunderstorms in the forcecast] I've been browsing the blog world and there are lots of inspiring women here! For many reasons of course, while most of them having at least one or multiple kids they accomplish crafting, home decorating, sewing, etc. I love reading these blogs and I look forward to reading their new posts and getting ideas for myself!

Right now, I think I am in the market for two things-
               1.) a new purse for Spring {and wallet to match of course}
               2.) a camera bag. I cannot find a camera bag that I like that is not $100 or more! Errr! Oh well, I              guess I have to put money in a jar now for sure! Tehehe!

 We will see how it goes with that! I am alos going to try and work on some crafty projects this weekend! [Fingers Crossed I get something done!]

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm so Thankful

I've got so much on my mind here lately. So I thought that doing a Thankful blog post would be great! So for this day, I am thankful for the great man above who brought me to a new day and fresh start! I am also thankful for my husband for keeping me on the right track! I am also thankful for my energetic little poptart monster who keeps me on my toes! There is never a dull moment in my life!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm adding some excerpts from my daily life to have a journal of sort. I hope you enjoy!

The past few weeks we have been "Potty Training" hardcore! Zane has done so great at home and at daycare! Dry 'pull-ups' all day has now turned into "you're now wearing 'Big Boy Underwear' and can't pee in your pants". So constantly the hubs and I are asking "do you need to go pee in the potty?" The reply is mostly 'no', but we make him at least try. [and usually he goes] Now this issue we're having is #2 on the potty! He refuses to 'poop' in the potty. If you mention it he squeals! I have no clue why, but he does. We keep encouraging and rewarding in hopes that this hump/milestone will soon be complete! My personal goal is to have him fully P.T. by the time he turns 3 at the end of May!

I hope that you all have a beautiful and blessed week!

Monday, April 11, 2011

PhotobucketWeekends Over

Well the weekend went by fast and Monday followed quickly! We cooked out at the house Saturday night and enjoyed the company of some pretty cool friends! I stayed up until 2am on the front porch just 'shootin' the breeze' with them. I forgot to tell you that last weekend while I was gone to TN, that my hubby hung our old porch swing in the tree! I was ever so happy to see it when I got home! I sit in that thing every chance I get! Yesterday was the day of rest, but the only thing I got rest from was the piled up laundry! While the hubs was working, Zane and I spent time with my parents. We went to Clayton/Dillard, GA area. We ate lunch at the Shiner's Restaurant & walked the Flea Market in Clayton. Then we drove over to Dillard and looked in their shops for antiques. Yes, Zane was a handful but was great looking at "you break, you buy" items and didn't hurt a thing! So proud! He is also almost.......potty trained! I hesistate because I don't want to jinks it! I really hope he sticks with it so he can finally be the "Big Boy" everyone thinks he is! [[Fingers Crossed!]]

Friday, April 08, 2011

Google Image Game

The rules are to read the questions and then go to Google, do a search of images, and post the best image you see on the first page of images for these ten things. It is a fun way to get to know more about each other.
Favorite Drink:


Favorite TV Show:
MTV's The Real World is and always will be my fav! Two fav seasons are San Diego and Austin!
(Sydney and Brooklyn are up there!)

My Occupation:
Administrative Assistant
My First Car:
1991 hatchback Mustang
Favorite Dish:
Celebrity I've Been Told I Resemble:
I'm a plain ole girl, that only resembles my family & they ain't famous!
Celebrity Crush:
Galen Gering (ever since his debut on Passions!)
Favorite Childhood Toy:
Easy Bake Oven! (they just don't make toys like they used to!)
Any Random Picture:
I made this and will work on more! :)

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Girls Trip 2011

Happy Tuesday Y'all! Well Monday was Manic alright and so chaotic! I was tired from the weekend and needed a day of rest. [Not that I got any!]  The Girls Trip went FaBuLoUs! The weather was great although some places traffic was not the best! We went to an AMAZING boutique type warehouse called Beehive Wholesale. Again, AMAZING! We spent nearly 2 hours in this store! It was huge and filled with jewelry, home decor, furniture, rainboots, Yellow Box Flip Flops, Crocs, purses, luggage, totes, etc! I can't express how great it is!
link to our siteEngravables:ESB01MB03Bella 01- Bella Collection Display

We also ate at the OLD MILL Restaurant! Gah you have to starve yourself for days in order to eat here! They are not stingy with their portions that is for sure! If you order the Pork Chops, you get three! This doesn't count the salad, corn chowder, and fritters that are served before the main course! They also give you dessert, but who has room after all the other?!?
I took some really great pictures while we were here and I will post some tomorrow!
Y'all have a FANTASTIC DAY!


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