Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Time I Got Hit On

As you may know by now, I went on a little trip to North Kackylack with my home girls this past weekend. As my best friend and I were in Cherokee shopping at a purse shop, the sales lady was really nice and talked to us the entire time we were in there. Let me just describe her to you: she was small but not skinny, had short grey wiry hair, with a large nose that was adorned with a very large wart. It was kind of like a train wreck, you just can't help but stare!

She may or may not have resembled this...

She was commenting on everything we picked up. "Oh! That scarf looks so good on you!" "You ladies sure are pretty!" "That purse would go with anything you wear!" "You girls are so sweet!" She then asked where we were from because we were obviously not from Cherokee. Well after a few comments she comes from behind the counter and says to me "Oh, look at you in your cowboy boots looking SEXY!" I gave this strange look to my friend and was instantly ready to jet out of there! I thanked her for the compliment, but I couldn't help to think she was hitting on me! So as I continue looking at things in the store she come and puts her hand on my shoulder and asks me "Are you single?" I quickly respond, "No ma'am. I'm married and have a little boy." My friend is totally walking away laughing under her breath at this point and my ass is ready to get the hell out of there. The sales lady then says "Dang there ain't no good girls out there any more. I was gonna hook you up with my son!"

Hello?!? Did I have an "I'm Single and Ready to Mingle" to shirt on or what? Could she not see the rock on my left hand? Okay, she was wearing glasses and maybe the 'script was old or whatever and she couldn't see it. That's what I want to tell myself anyway. I swear by the way she was acting it felt like she was the one that was interested! Not that I was in the least bit. I was trying to hurry up and look at the damn purses and products she had for sell and get the hell up out of there! I did end up buying a necklace from there but was freaked out the whole time I was checking out. Is that what mothers do now? On the freakin prowl for their sons?

Word to the wise...Wise old ladies that think they can find their sons a woman: Let the boys do the work, because Momma sho knows how to freak a girl out! UGH!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Girls Will Be Girls

I had a blast this weekend spending time with some of the funniest girls I know! We threw back too many and had lots of laughs and amazing conversations! Saturday morning my best friend and I headed out to NC. We got side tracked and stopped in Cherokee, NC. Lawd have mercy was that a strange experience!

Not sure why my shirt looks jacked up at my stomach.
This Indian was a real creep. He was hitting on us and saying creeptastic stuff. "I had a dream about you last night." "Mmmm you smell good babe what you wearing?" "Take your time ladies, I'm here all day and I don't mind spending it with you!"
Dear Creeptastic Indian, the next woman that approaches you, I hope she batters you with her purse! That's what I wanted to do. Then you had the audacity to ask for a tip. I'll give you a tip, skip out on the alcohol next time and don't hit on woman that just want their picture taken. Mmmkay? Thanks!

After roaming around Cherokee for 2.5 seconds after the Indian experience, we made out of their like bandits and headed for Asheville! Once arriving there we grabbed some lunch and walked around the mall until time to check into our hotel. We relaxed for an hour or so then headed to meet up with my blog friends that turned into real life friends!

The rain was a real downer but we didn't let it get in our way! We arrived at the Beir Garden and enjoyed every single moment! From the time that Pamela, Tamara, and Bethany walked in the door I greeted them with hugs because I had not seen them since the Color Run in November!

stolen from Tamara...thanks boo

We ate and drank the night away! Bethany thought it was only appropriate that we have a pink champagne toast! I thought it was appropriate to double fist it! We were hoping for some music as the website for this restaurant/bar said that a DJ would start at 9pm. We were there well after 9pm and he was setting up as we left.

We said our goodbyes and left the bar. I had lots to drink so we had to 'walk it off' so to speak! We found lots of interesting things around town!

The next morning my best friend and I came back to downtown and walked around until we were wet and cold. It was raining harder than the day before. So we decided to head back to the car and find some store we could drive to and not do too much walking outside.

It was a fabulous weekend spending it with amazing people! I love these girls so much!
Until the next outing ladies!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's GO time!

I have been counting down this weekend for a month! Today I am loading up the car and heading north! I've got my best friend in the car with me and we're going to meet up with a few friends I met through blogging and now are real life friends! I cannot wait to get to NC and have some girl time!

These girls mean so much to me! I love them all!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Spring Sweets Blog Swap Reveal!

I participated last year in this swap and wanted to make sure to do it again! This year I got lucky and was paired with Casey over at Stress Case! I've been reading her blog for over a year now and I was excited to be paired with her! We have similar tastes when it comes to chocolate! We both like chocolate mint and cadbury eggs! It was funny that we had sent each other the same things!

Casey sent me chocolates and I can't wait for them to get in my belly! ha She also sent me some very cute nail polish! Y'all know I love to paint my nails! I used it last night and lurve it! Then I discovered that she'd sent me some lip gloss from Forever 21, pop rocks, a nerd rope, and a chupa sucker. I used to be obsessed with Chupa Chups! I would eat at least one a day when in high school! It brought back great memories! This morning I used the lip gloss...I think I have a new favorite! As for the nerd rope and pop rocks, my little guy confiscated those as soon as I pulled it from the package! Thank you Casey for all the Spring Sweets! I love it all! You're a sweet girl! I'm glad we were swap partners!

Go on over to Stress Case and see what I sent Casey in her swap package!

Spring Sweets Swap

Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's OK Thursday #48

Come on weekend! I'm ready for it to be Saturday Morning already! Eeeeekkk!
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It's OK...
...that I have been counting down to this weekend coming up!

...to be super duper excited about having a trip with my best friend and my blog life buddies!

...that I still haven't got that damn tire post ready! My excuse is the rain last night and I've been super busy!

...that I will be planning to ingest lots of adult beverages.

...to say that I'm being completely honest when I say this: "If I hear of a baby cry, or a kid say Momma...I'm walking the other way!"  {Unless it's in danger} It's ME TIME Y'ALL!

...my blogging content sucks...and the world goes round...it never stops!

...that I'm glad I don't live in a city that never sleeps.

...that I had BAD choices for lunch today...but damn it was good! Let's just say I topped it off with a sampler sized Moose Tracks brownie sundae....hells yes!

...that my bad decisions get my fat arse in trouble too!

...that this post is completely random and out there....you love me, you know you do....just say it! SAY IT DAMN IT! haha!


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What's okay with y'all today?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Is This Really What We Want To Portray?

So yeah, I'm sure you're expecting a reveal post about the hub's tire he had in my living room. Well, it sort of isn't finished yet. PLEASE don't shoot me, mmmkay? I promise y'all will get to see it soon! I've got to make  dang sure it's blog worthy!

In other news, I've seen a lot of junk advertisements and horrible models lately. Have you seen any of this nonsense?

Yesterday I was looking at David Bridal's website and I didn't really like what I saw.

This can't be healthy! Why would you want a model that tiny? She looks like the Mona Lisa on crack! Seriously! What were they thinking when they shot this? "How can we angle her to not look so skinny? We can't turn her to the side, because then she'll look like a cardboard cut out." Horrible, just horrible! Somebody get this chick a freakin bacon double cheeseburger all the way with fries drowned in gravy PLEASE!

Yeah, if I was a man, I'd enjoy using this bathroom! I love the decorator's humor! You as a wife, would it bother you for your husband to enjoy this bathroom?

Hardees has some pretty raunchy commercials lately. Again, targeting men, they have super hot models swooning over a fattening greasy burger that they are just going to throw right back up after the camera stops rolling. They need to just put a big  fat woman on there eating it and keep it real. Are men such easy targets? Why can't they make family friendly commercials? Kids watch that crap too! That's one thing that has gone wrong with today's society! For reals.

I swear people are scrapping for advertisement ideas. These are quite strange but some are funny too!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Manic Monday

Lawd it's been a Monday today already! I've gotta change that!

We had a pretty great weekend at home! The weather was so nice! Not to cold and not too hot! Friday we went to our awesome neighbor's birthday dinner. She got this cute card with swaying boobies. The boys kept saying "Show us your boobies again!" #ohyestheydid

After getting our bellies full we headed home. Well almost, the Hubs detoured into this side road, which really isn't a road at all. Over the years someone has always drove through this spot to drive through the mud. I can remember doing it in high school! So here we go bouncing and making our way through the mud too! It was fun for the whole 10 minutes that it lasted! haha!

I'm glad I don't have to wash that truck!

When we got home we Steve got started on a pinterest project that I'd been begging to do! I can't wait to show you what it is! Yep, I'm leaving you hanging for a day or so!

Saturday we had a t-ball game and the hubs worked on a friends truck. I kind of assisted when I got back home.

After that we went to dinner with the in-laws. Sushi and this Momma had a drink! It was yummy! I forgot to take a picture before I downed it! It was a 'Tigertini' and I did take a picture of the list of drinks I tried! Okay, I only tried the Tigertini and the Green Apple Martini, but I wanted to try them all! I wouldn't have been able to walk out of there if I had!

Sunday we had lunch at my parents house then headed out for a hike! I thought we were going to take a simple half mile hike, but because we didn't know any better, we ended up on a 4 mile moderate hike! I ain't gonna lie, it kicked my butt! But the view at the end was worth it!

Oconee Station Falls

Friday, April 19, 2013


It's Friday, and I'm ready! I need some "me" time! I haven't had time to myself in quite sometime! So let's crank it up and jam out this morning! Here's to the weekend y'all!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

The weekends around here are getting better  and busier because the weather is warmer! Finally!

T-ball games are going great! Zane is having a ball and so are we! It's so great to get outside and help these kids learn the fundamentals! It wear Zane out! Last weekend after a t-ball game we headed up to TN to visit good ole Dollywood! Since the parkway is closed we had to go the long way around. We made the most of it and visited the Fontana Dam and drove up US 129, also known as 'Tail of the Dragon'. Talk about stomach turning....it was nothing but switchbacks for miles...and miles...and miles. Longest ride ever to Dollywood! Next time I'll make sure we stick to the interstate!

We found an awesome sushi restaurant in Pigeon Forge that we will frequent when we go too! Best sushi I'd had in a long time! I also ordered new glasses from Coastal.com. I am loving them! (they didn't pay me to say that. I didn't get a free pair either!) I was surprised at the quality and the extras they sent me! My other pair cost me four times as much and didn't even come with a case! Coastal sent a hard case and a cleaning/repair kit! Thanks Coastal!


This past weekend the hubs and I scored a date day/night! We had no clue what we were going to do so we drove around to find something for an early dinner and ended up eating at Wild Wings. We then went to Toys R Us to get ideas of what to get Zane for his upcoming birthday! Don't you do that on date night? haha Well the hubs found an electric motorcycle...

Yes, this happened! I died laughing! I felt like those teenagers that throw balls over the isles and was scared we'd be kicked out! Luckily no one saw what we were doing! We bounced out because they are obvi overpriced and we couldn't find just the right thing! Then we headed towards home. It was early so we decided to ride around some old stomping grounds and ended up reminiscing about our younger years on dirt roads and off-road trails. It was a great time! We even stopped to look at the stars for a while. Ohh the country life...I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's OK Thursday #47

Happy Thursday Y'all! The weekend is almost here and I'm ready!

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It's OK...

...that I haven't talked much about my little beach vacay...it wasn't the best.
...to not keep this here bloggity blog a secret anymore.
...to be wearing capris to work today! It's been hella warm the past few days! #imlovinit

...to have planned to start changing my eating habits and exercise more. It hasn't happened yet.
....that I ate this instead. SMH
...that I am so dang ready for some me time! Can anyone help me with that?!? Oh wait, 16 more days I will get a short weekend of me time with some of my favorite girls!
...that this is all you get today...I'm lazy and I know it! BUT I love y'all and will recap Easter and other events soon! Promise!

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What's okay with y'all today?

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

I Lost My Mojo

This time last year I was PUMPED UP! I was reading all the hype about the Color Run 5k in Charlotte on several blogs. I was riding the fence about signing up but once it was decided that there would be a blogger group (GO BRA!) I HAD to sign up! I talked the hubby into letting me go, so as soon as he said yes, my tail was registering in hopes it hadn't sold out.


Luckily it hadn't! I told myself I would get into shape and at least walk/jog the entire thing! I worked out 4 days a week and kept a pretty decent diet!


Vacation came around and I didn't work out for two and a half weeks. I could feel it. I felt horrible. The rush I got from accomplishment alone helped me stay in the game for such a long time but because I had not been working out in that amount of time I forgot what it was like. And honestly I felt like a failure.

I got back on track finally and I was running/jogging a whole lot more! I was proud of myself and had awesome motivation! It was getting closer to the 5k and I was ready to rock it! I had lost 20lbs and was so proud of myself! It was hard work and I was ready to conquer the world! Sike! ha!

November came and I hauled my butt up to Charlotte to meet some of the most fabulous girls ever! We froze our butts off at first, but we had a blast! We walked/jogged the Color Run but I still felt like I needed more. Running that is.


Since that day I've only did a tiny bit of exercise. I've lost all motivation aka my mojo. I can't seem to shake the blues and get out of this funk. I'm hoping once things get back to my preferred normal, I can bounce back and get back on track! I am thankful I have only gained 7lbs back in 4 months. So I have got something deep down that holds on to the diet part of this deal. I just need to get back into an exercise regimen. Let's hope it happens soon! REAL SOON!


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